Beginners session – every Wednesday during UoB Autumn and Spring Terms, with the first one of term being at 4pm on Wednesday 28th September 2016 at Solihull Ice Rink:

  • no previous skating or hockey experience required – complete beginners welcome!
  • we will provide necessary equipment (skates, gloves, helmets, sticks) – just wear full length comfortable clothing suitable for sport
  • generally, all university students and staff from the Birmingham area are eligible – the full eligibility criteria can be found below


The beginners session is designed to familiarise new players with the basics of skating and ice hockey. Partial kit is worn during the session, as full kit is not needed given the slower pace at this level. After a few weeks, beginners who are interested in advancing to full kit and team play will typically start by buying their own skates, gloves, helmets, and sticks. After the first term, beginners typically consider buying the remaining items for a full kit, and are usually of a suitable standard to begin attending team training – see Experienced Players section below. Coaches and team members are happy to help with any questions regarding kit, either in person or on the Facebook group.

How to Join

As details may vary slightly, please join the Beginners Facebook Group if you’re interested in attending. Details of upcoming sessions are posted there before each session, as well as it being an ideal place to ask any questions you may have. If you don’t have Facebook, you can email using the contact us page.

Experienced Players

The club runs two training sessions every week during UoB Autumn and Spring Terms – A team, and B/C team. Typically these sessions are on Thursday nights, and Sunday nights respectively, but this may vary due to game times. If would like to join us, please get in touch. If you are an experienced player, but you do not have your kit with you, we may be able to lend some kit to you until you can bring your own. Generally, all university students and staff from the Birmingham area are eligible – the full eligibility criteria can be found below

Costs (2016-17)

  • Registration with BUIHA – £50
  • Registration with UoB Sport – £20 for UoB Students, £25 for non UoB Students
  • Training for Term 1 – £110
  • Training for Term 2 – £100
  • Home games – £20
  • Away games – Shared cost of transport

Registration Process

In order to play games for any of our teams, you must be registered with University of Birmingham Sport and with the British Universities Ice Hockey Association. To be registered with BUIHA, send your address and telephone number, along with clear photographs or scans of the following to Liam Johnson (

  • Official proof of enrolment (available from the Aston Webb Student Hub for UoB students)
  • Official ID – passport / driving license photo card
  • Student ID card
  • Passport-Style Photograph
  • Receipts to show payment of both Term 1 training fees and registration
  • New players must also send details including their full name, date of birth, address and nationality for insurance purposes.

Registration costs are paid to the Munrow by cash or card when the form is handed in (£70 for UoB students, £75 otherwise). If you do not attend UoB, or it is not convenient to make it to UoB campus, please speak to Adam Evans (treasurer), so alternative arrangements can be made. Training fees are also paid in to the Munrow Sports Center, or can be paid in cash to Adam. If paying in to the Munrow, please tell the staff that you would like to pay into the ‘Ice Hockey Match Fees’ account, so that the money goes to the right place.


Blue Ice, Solihull – Game arena and team training rink View Larger Map



Generally, students and staff from universities around Birmingham are eligible to play with us. The full BUIHA Classification of Eligible Players (applies to beginners and experienced players) is as follows:

Only the following players are eligible to participate in BUIHA fixtures: 5.2.1  All students over 18 years of age, currently enrolled on a higher education program at a UK university, studying at least 40 credits on  courses  of  at  least  one  year  in  duration,  regardless  of nationality and ability. Students may only represent the university at which they are currently registered, or as a composite member thereof. Players may also play for the nearest appropriate team; 5.2.2  Students currently studying at a UK university as part of an official ‘exchange’  program  (e.g.  Socrates-Erasmus)  –  evidence  (e.g. International  Students  Union  card)  of  studentship  must  be forwarded  to  the  BUIHA  Secretary,  prior  to  representing  any BUIHA club; 5.2.3  Open  University  Students  –  are  only  eligible  to  represent  their closest  institution  with  a  team.   The  team  closest  may  be attributed to home of such an individual in proximity to ice rinks. Where  multiple  teams/rinks  are  close  to  equidistant  the  student must  select  their  team  of  registration  for  the  current  and subsequent seasons. Any transfers are subject to approval by the BUIHA Secretary. 5.2.4  Students  whose  institution  does  not  have  a  team  –  are  only eligible to represent their closest institution with a team of uitable standard.  The team closest may be attributed to home of such an individual in proximity to ice rinks. Where multiple teams/rinks are close  to  quidistant  the  student  must  select  their  team  of registration  for  the  current  and  subsequent  seasons.   Any transfers are subject to approval by he BUIHA Secretary. 5.2.5  Alumni members (graduates) – are only permitted to represent the institution from which they graduated, or as a composite member thereof and for one season only, in the year immediately following their  graduation,  provided  they  played  for  their  respective  club prior to graduation; 5.2.6  Members  of  University  and  College  staff  of  Further/Higher Education  Institutions  –  Staff  members  are  only  permitted  to represent one institution per academic year / season. Clubs may have as many staff members as they like within their respective membership,  subject  to  all  other  rules  and  regulations  identified herein; 5.2.8  Students on a gap year are not eligible to play during that year. 5.2.9  Any players not eligible under the above rules may participate in challenge fixtures. Note:  Players  studying  at  institutions  that  do  not  currently  have  an  ice hockey club, but who wish to travel in excess of the distance identified in the  aforementioned  document  to  play  for  the  specified  composite  club, may do so. However, the BUIHA can accept no responsibility from  any adverse repercussions appertaining to such actions of individuals. The BUIHA reserve the right to check with institutions throughout the course of the year to ensure eligibility rules are been followed after registration. Any investigations may result in retrospective rulings been issued.

If you are unsure, or have any questions, please get in touch.